Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


     How I am gonna hack the Modernist research project is by working with a fellow classmate (Kristhian Marentes). We plan on comparing our authors and their modernist writings. Compare but also contrast their forms of Modernist writings. We will present our project via Prezi.
Kristhian's Author- Langston Hughes
My Author- Elizabeth Bishop

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Joe College

     Today there was a presentation on how to find a college that best suits you. Topics like this one get really excited about my future. So far, I have been highly interested in Chico State. It offers a field in which I am interested in and that is recording arts because I have always been interested in music.
     There will be challenges with college. The first one is if I will get accepted and I see this as the major one. Of course, after you get accepted, you will have to pay for it some how. Though there are challenges, there will be great opportunities after college. When finding a job, I will be a good candidate for the position and, hey, I'm also bilingual!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring Vocab: March 4

1. chronic- constant; habitual
2. sentiment- an attitude toward something
3. morality- conformity to the rules of right of conduct
4. remorse- deep and painful regret for wrongdoing
5. acquaintance- a person known to one
6. sanity- healthy mental state
7. implication- to suggest
8. alternative- a different choice
9. savage- fierce, ferocious, or cruel
10. phenomenon- impressive or extraordinary

MAP 1: Introducing Elizabeth Bishop

5 Interesting Facts About Elizabeth Bishop:

*Born 1911; Died 1979
*Was a poet whose vivid sense of geography won her many honors
*Her first book of poems, "North and South", earned her the title of Poet Laureate of the United States
*Occupation: Evangelist, Nun, Poet
*Won the Pulitzer Prize in 1956

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Applied Modernism

     Modernism has a few themes to it and the poem "Richard Cory" could relate to them. Off the bat, the poem was written during the Modernist Era. Modernist Poems were short and contained a lot of imagery. The point of view is also remote/detached from the subject, it's somewhat ironic but not unfeeling. Low Art- we could understand that no matter how successful someone seems, they could be going through inner problems that the outer world cannot identify. All these things combined make "Richard Cory" a Modernist poem.
     The Modernist Era began in the early 1900s and lasted until 1965. This poem was written and published in 1897, so it was one of the first Modernist poems. It also contains factors that make a poem Modern. The poem itself is pretty short, sixteen lines and four stanzas. The most Modernistic thing about "Richard Cory" is all the imagery. What Richard Cory does in the poem and how he looks is described in detail and you can gain a pretty good sense of what is happening in the poem.
     It's kind of hard to understand from what perspective this story is being told from but from the line "We people on the pavement looked at him", we can see that it is being told from another ordinary citizen. Though, I am not sure what point-of-view this poem is written in. Although we aren't all richer than a king, what happened to Richard Cory is understandable. Many people in this society hide their struggles so well in the inside to not affect those in the outside.
     In conclusion, "Richard Cory" is a Modernist poem. The poem is short, filled with images. It is slightly difficult to understand the perspective from where this story is being told but you could get a sense of the mood in the poem. The theme of "Richard Cory" is also relatable and fathomable to the people.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Modern Writing: Constantly Changing

     At this point in time, us, as a race, are advancing and changing at a highly rapid pace in every way possible. Literature, technology, art, etc.
     There are factors that go behind the inspiration of one's writing and sometimes it could involve the innovations of their current time. If someone were to write a story five years ago about phones and how they have become so versatile, they'd be talking about the iPhone 2 and its great capabilities, well compare that with the iPhone 5 right now...